4 Great Bittersweet Christmas Tale eBooks To Download

the christmas shoes ebook and movie

Christmas can conjure up many different emotions for people, from extreme elation to extreme sadness and for some; a set of bittersweet memories. Whatever Christmas means to you one thing is for sure, it comes around every year December 25th and with it a slew of “feel good” movies at your local box office. Who […]

cash back for kindle fire tablet

Get Cash For Your Used Kindle Fire Today

Are you planning on upgrading to the new Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon? If so, then you might be interested in getting some cash back for your current Kindle Fire. Check its value here: Gazelle Kindle Fire Cash Back Program It’s simple. Go to Gazelle (link above) and type in the model of Kindle Fire […]

Fun Facts About Book Press Releases (Infographic)

Learn More The infographic above has various fun facts about press releases. Did you know that press releases are still as popular today as they were over a decade go. However today’s press releases are quite different than past incarnations and include such new media features as links, photos, videos, audio and some can even […]

allergy alert kindle fire app

Kindle Fire Apps For Allergy Sufferers

Allergy sufferers are a special lot that have to be quite vigilant in their dealings with everything from food to clothing and even beer to travel locations. However with proper tools, advice and tips – many allergy sufferers can live a healthy, long and safe quality of life. Sometimes an allergy can be hard to […]

steampunk kindle fire cover for women

Fun Steampunk Kindle Fire Covers

The Steampunk era has arrived and with it comes a new surge in popularity for all things Victorian for both men and women. We love the steampunk look and so we hit the web looking for good steampunk Kindle Fire decals to drool over. Below is what we found – have a look. Best Steampunk […]

4 Travel Kindle Fire Books and Apps for Geeks

road trip usa for kindle fire

Every June in the USA, road trips are taking place from city to city all month long as families cooped up for the Winter, finally head out for good sights and sounds. Along with all this travel, families take to the road with their various gadgets and tech. One of the most popular tablets after […]

Best Alarm Clock App for Kindle Fire

free alarm clock app for kindle fire

I was looking for an alarm clock app for my Kindle Fire and found a good one by Apalon. I basically just did a quick search for “alarm clock app” through the tablet itself and up came a few – including Alarm Clock Xtreme Free and  Bedside Alarm Clock Free. I settled on the (Alarm […]

Interview Questions To Ask eBook Authors

my kindle fire

I love a good interview, don’t you? If done well, an interview can give you insight and a tiny glimpse into the subject matter. If you’re seeking to create interviews on your blog and are wondering what sort of questions to ask? See our ideas below. These apply specifically to eBook authors, however many can […]

Kindle Fire Guest Posts Wanted: Submit Yours Today

kindle guest post

Are you in love with the Kindle Fire? Or maybe you just recently discovered a new feature that others NEED to know about. If yes – then we ask that you submit a guest article today. It’s simple really. Just follow the easy guidelines below and then send your Kindle Fire guest post to me. […]

Tips for Earning Money with eBooks Even If You Are a Rookie

Earning money through the creation of ebooks is not as complicated as it might seem. You do not have to be a five star novelist with mind blowing ideas to start bringing in some extra income either. The most important thing to remember is the person who will end up reading the ebook and what […]

Q&A With Author Brian Rathbone

brian rathbone books

Brian Rathbone is an American author and publisher of several books on Amazon, including (Call of the Herald, Inherited Danger, and Dragon Ore). His specialty seems to be in Fantasy and Sci Fi. We recently ran into Brian online and wanted to ask him a few questions to learn more about him, his books and […]

4 Fun Kindle Fire Apps For Valentine’s Day

eharmony kindle fire app

Technology is no stranger in the world of online dating. From cell phone apps to downloads and everything else in between, we thought it would be fun to showcase dating apps for tablets, specifically the Kindle Fire. We are a first generation Kindle Fire user and love the portability and battery life of the Kindle […]

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